The Waste Logistics Centre in Vienna Simmering

Waste Logistics Centre

The main task of the waste logistics centre is to guarantee the safe disposal of Vienna's residual waste, in case of a shortage of waste incineration capacity, by interim storage in the form of foil-wrapped compressed bales in a bale warehouse. It will consist of the following main elements: a treatment plant with corresponding pre-storage areas (low-level and flat bunkers) as well as a bale warehouse.

The waste logistics centre will have a daily capacity of max. 1,120 tons of waste and an annual capacity of 280,000 tons. The bale warehouse will have a storage capacity of max. 51,000 tons.

The collecting centre for old substances will be used to collect municipal and hazardous waste. A maximum of 15,000 tons of collected waste will be handled.

The plant borders directly on the MVA Pfaffenau at the Johann-Petrak-Gasse.

The project was completed in 2013.

The opening will take place on 23.08.2013.

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