District heating from fluidised-bed Furnace 4

There was a boiler explosion of the fluidised-bed Furnace 4 at the plant in Simmeringer Haide of Wien Fernwärme on May 18, 2009.

Besides the large degree of damage to the boiler, other parts of the incineration Line 4 suffered considerable damage as well.

WKU was commissioned by Fernwärme Wien GmbH to specify and coordinate the needed services of appraisers and experts, to determine the cause of damage as well as the course of events. 

In addition, the WKU drew up a summary of all relevant data and information about the operation of the fluidised-bed furnace during the years before the incident.

Furthermore, the WKU was commissioned, as a consultant, with the process of repairing the incineration Line 4.

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